Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lights, Camera, AX-IN!

A blog devoted to the weekly YouTube-channel (soon to be syndicated regional community television-show) for wood-chopping and wood-splitting enthusiasts, everywhere.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, AXIN'! - Opening Titles Sequence

Hosted by Colin - and sometimes Darryl, (aka "Dazza") when Colin is unwell, the show explores all things related to wood-splitting, and also features a "Weekly Quiz", about things involving the splitting, cutting, also the burning (and, general destruction) of: wood.

LIGHTS CAMERA AXIN! 's Weekly Quiz Question - in Episode #352,
Dazza is seen here filling in for Colin, who was away sick, and was unable to host the show that week.

Interestingly, a small section of one episode of Lights Camera Axin! also appears in the movie: RUNAWAY CHAINSAW - in Bathurst:

For more, see: Runaway Chainsaw.

And - for all your wood-splitting needs and know-how, see:


DAZZA SAWS SOME WOOD - (bit of an EyeSaw)

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